• Black Hole 9 -V2.0-

Tracklist (CD 1)

Shoot In The Head
Point Zero
Cheap Shephero
Lust Doll 2
Dark Places
We Are All Dead
Idiots You Lame Brains
Alien Song
Freak (The Descent)
Shoot In The Head (A Little Different Mix)
Lust Doll 2 (Hydra Mix Remixed By Orfeo)
Cheap Sheherd (No Faith Mix Remixed By Symbiotic Faith)
Idiots You Lame Brains (Dgener Mix Remixed By DJ Nastraz)

Tracklist (CD 2)

Hey Go (Die In War Mix)
BH9 (Rebirth Mix)
Nine (Blackgate Mix)
Something I Want To Show You (This Place Is A Tomb Mix)
We All Need To Scape
3 Degrees
Hey God (Fuck Politics, Fuck Religion)
All We Got
Lust Doll
Beyond Dead Stars
Lose The Path
Nine (Videoclip)

Black Hole 9 -V2.0-

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