• V/A Synthetic Rage


• Andro-Dioxin -Suicidal-
• Wire Vein -We Burn-
• Angels Of Suicide -Dark Lust- (Hex'd Mix)
• Say Just Words -The Perfect Killer-
• God Destruction -Anticristo-
• Nahtaivel -The Storm Is Coming-
• Sodomy Down The Cross -Angra Mainyu-
• Aktivehate -The Walking Dead-
• Mas-Si_osare -Gates Of Hell-
• Bind Torture Kill -A Madman's Lullaby-
• Cyanide Regime -Suicide Girl-
• Antemortem -Spirits Of The Night-
• Cold Sequence -This Is Not-
• Anamadim -Synthetic Salvation- (Feat Fredrik Croona)
• Alienoxir -Anikilation-
• Euphorbia -Achromatopsia-

V/A Synthetic Rage

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